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Upara AGM


*We held our 4th AGM on Friday 11th May 2018. It was well attended with more than 100 members present. This was  David Powell’s, last meeting as Chairman of Upara for the last 4-years.

David has been fantastic in all he has done for us from our inception. With help and support from his Wife, Val, (who also stood in as Treasurer for the last year or so) we have gone from strength to strength. His professionalism and very amiable nature made him ideal for this role and he will truly be missed as our ‘leader’!

David was presented with a very nice Cross Pen (image below) on behalf of the members and he made a nice acceptance speech emphasising the fact that he would not have been able to do what was done without the full support of his Wife Val and all of the members who did their part over the years.

Our new Chairman is John Wishart. John I know will do an equally good job over the next few years and as he said himself, things will continue very much along the same lines but with a few tweeks here and there. We look forward to seeing your ”tweeks” John! and I know you will receive all of the help and assistance required.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

We were treated to an excellent talk by a young lady from the National Westminster Bank and the subject was SCAMS! She updated all present on the various scams they were aware of and how to avoid them.

All present found it very enlightening as I’m sure we are all aware of many but there would have been some which were new to all. The most basic advice is probably….’if u receive a phone call from someone you do not know asking for information……..”Put the Phone Down!



Pilates Classes – To be arranged. We are looking for a new teacher and will let you know when we have one.